Kodo Monoblock Power Amplifier

Optimized for the newest generation of DAC’s

Ultimate Audiophile Performance Class D Power Amplifier based on the Hypex Ncore NC500 amplifier module and SMPS 1200 power supply.
Optimized to be used without a preamplifier, e.g. driven directly from a DAC which has a well implemented built-in digital or analogue volume control.
True differential DC coupled input module with high common-mode impedance.
Audiophile class component selection. 0.1% tolerance parts used where possible. High quality  circuit board with solid 130 uM circuit traces.
Final voicing by experienced ears for timbre, texture, micro-detail, and dynamics to maximize musical realism , rhythm and pleasure.
Efficient, interior friendly, compact form factor.

Output power: 400 W/8 ohm, 700W/4 ohm, 550W/2 ohm
Gain: 27 dB
Signal/Noise Ratio: 128 dB
Common mode rejection ratio (CMRR): 80dB
Distortion (THD, IMD): 0.001 %
Input Impedance: 1M ohm
Output Impedance: 0.003 ohm
Frequency Response: 0Hz - 50kHz 0/-3db
IEC inlet :   Oyaide platinum/palladium plated
Speaker connection :  Mundorf  EVO gold plated copper binding posts
Wiring : Combination of Oyaide 102SSC and Neotech UP-OCC
Case: Aluminium extrusion and CNC machined 4mm aluminium magnesium alloy plate
Dimensions: 74 x 252 x 259 (H x W x D), 85 x 252 x 292 with connectors / footers