Sound Galleries SGM2015 Music Server

SGM 2015 Music Server specification

High Performance computing with Audiophile quietness made possible

Processor: Intel Skylake i7 6700K
Memory: 16 GB DDR4

SGM audiophile grade custom hardware

  • 5 ppb stability OCXO with low noise power supply replacing the motherboard system clock
  • Low noise dual choke power supply for computer motherboard and CPU
  • Low noise, high frequency power supply for SSD
  • Mundorf Mlytic capacitors with 660,000 microfarads storage capacity
  • Steel potted power supply transformer with internal  copper foil shielding
  • High performance RAM with custom aluminum heat sinks
  • Heatpipe cooling system for CPU connected to copper billet CNC milled heatsinks allowing fanless high load operation with CPU overclocking
  • Optimized BIOS settings for CPU and RAM

SGM audio playback software

  • HQ Player capable of
    • PCM to DSD 512 realtime conversion
    • DSD 64 to DSD 512 upsampling
  • Roon Server
    • Library and Tidal streaming content delivered to HQ Player
  • Kodi media Server
    • Library and Qobuz streaming content deliver to HQ Player
  • iTunes content delivery to HQ Player
  • Audio optimized custom Windows 10 build with Process Lasso management of execution priorities