Taiko Audio is an innovative Dutch high-end audio laboratory, equally passionate about music and technology. Through extensive research and development, we create new solutions where needed and improve upon existing technologies. We have a strong professional background in science, engineering and IT and like to use our knowledge for making your musical experience at home all the more exiting.

We operate out of Oldenzaal from where we serve our worldwide client base and followers.

Our factory test system


Taiko Audio was founded by Emile Bok, who built his first loudspeaker when he was twelve years old. In 2008, he designed and manufactured his first audio products to create the best possible sound experience. And currently, he does so in the very high-end segment for clients worldwide for whom top sound quality is paramount. Emile Bok combines traditional technology with new technology and as a true audiophile, he also tests the sound production by ear. His mission is to innovate in the audio industry by developing new devices and features that produce magnificent sound quality. The combination of those elements is what makes Taiko Audio unique in its field. 

Taiko Audio is all about innovation. We use cutting edge technology to develop components that are not available off the shelf and that create the ultimate sound experience: a representation of sound that is so realistic, it feels like listening to a live performance. If you would like to know more about our products and services, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.