The superlative Sound Galleries SGM2015 Music Server

One of the most amazing discoveries of this year was in the category of music servers. The Sound Galleries SGM2015 has completely turned me on my ear when it came to redefining what I had previously considered to be state-of-the-art in this growing realm of the audio arts.

And given the fact that we have a very large collection of DSD recordings on hand here, naturally my interest was piqued by Edward Hsu’s offer to deliver an SGM2015 to us here personally back in January of 2017. Better yet, we also have a Tidal HiFi account for streaming 44.1kHz PCM .flac files, all of which could be converted to DSD and played back at Double, Quad, and even Octo (8x, or DSD512) DSD!

I reported the results in some detail elsewhere in this issue. Go there for further comments and expressions of joy from me. (No, that is not hype. Real joy.)

No doubt about it: The Sound Galleries SGM2015 is the best music server that I’ve heard to date. I therefore give it a Brutus Award in 2017 with “Ye Olde Editor’s Very Highest Recommendation” with heartfelt enthusiasm and a mighty “Cheers!” This is a truly significant product…if you can afford its $16,000 price tag, and are looking for the current-best in music servers, then this is the best I know of right now.

Run, do not walk.

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