An excerpt taken from Enjoy The Music’s High End 2022 Munich Show Report

AlsyVox has unveiled its top-of-the-line Rafaello speaker (€276,000) with ribbon planar technology backed by their designer Daniele Coen. Rafaello is a highly efficient speaker (up to 98 dB) and uses a central line source supertweeter in the center, flanked with two midranges and two woofers, with a large external crossover with the best components (Duelund, Jantzen, and Mundorf). The sound was airy, large, and natural, with many layers outlining the depth of the sound stage. Undoubtedly one of the most impressive sound demonstrations at this year’s show. In addition to the speakers, the sound source was the Taiko Extreme server and Lampizator Horizon DAC, Jadis Electronics JPL Mk2 preamplifier, JA30 tube power amplifier, and The Element cables and power filters from Omega Audio Concept.

Source: Enjoy The Music

Written by Andrija Ćurković Of HiFi Media Magazine