An excerpt taken from AV magazine covering the High End 2022 Munich Show

Best Sound of the High End Show München 2022

I actually wanted to present you with a “Best-Sound of the High End Show system”, but that is absolutely subjective. Given the mass of facilities, it was completely impossible for me to visit all the rooms in order to form a comprehensive judgment. In addition, the systems come across differently depending on the time of day, the choice of music, and the mood of the author.

Incidentally, the three systems presented below were rated as sounding very good not only by me but also by other visitors I know. It is interesting that the three systems are completely different, but the good-sounding result was quite similar – as is well known, many roads lead to Klang-Elysium!

1: Alsyvox planar speaker with Lampizator DAC, Taiko Digital Electronics, Jadis amplifier

Manufacturers from Europe presented a fantastic sounding combination

This exotic, colorful mix of equipment consisted of Taiko digital electronics (Netherlands), Jadis tube amplifiers (France), the new top tube DAC “Horizon” from Lampizator (Poland), and AlsyVox panel speakers (Spain). Panel speakers are nothing new on the audio planet, but what is new is that the large area of the AlsyVox panel foils results in an efficiency of approx. 95 dB, which is a real sensation for this type of speaker.

The system was operated with a Jadis tube amplifier of 2 x 30 watts and there was always more than enough power. The presented Alsyvox model “Raffaello” costs around CHF 300,000, the smallest model “Tintorello” is in the range of CHF 80,000 and also has more living room-friendly dimensions. The total value of the entire system was around CHF 500,000. (CHF values are roughly the same as Euro values)

The sound of the system was very homogeneous and seamless, and also very high-resolution and powerful. Bass response was fast and accurate, and you kind of looked for subwoofers but couldn’t find them anywhere. We will be happy to present these exceptional surface heaters to you in more detail at a later date. The company PhP-Audio from Alsace is currently also selling the Alsyvox loudspeakers in Switzerland.