An excerpt taken from HiFi Pig Magazine’s High End Munich 2022 Report

[Here was] a system that really did push all my buttons and that, from my perspective at least fast became the system to beat. The ease and scale of the Alsyvox Raffaello speakers (a dipole planar design) being powered by JADIS JA30 power amplifiers and their I70 preamplifier was just stunningly good, with several other people I talked to around the show making very similar comments.

Aiding and abetting this already spectacular system was the €44K Lampizator Horizon DAC (I really do want one of these having owned their BIG 7 for several years)  and a Taiko Extreme server. This really is high-end audio at its best and with a sound that I could have just sat and listened to for hours. I’ll talk about JADIS, the French manufacturer later in my wafflings about High End Munich 2022, but they are fast becoming the amplifiers that really do seem to do it for me.

This system will have cost house- or very nice motorcar money, but had I the space and the money I’d be beating a path to their door and insisting they take my money and deliver PDQ!

Source: HiFi Pig

Written by Stuart Smith of HiFi Pig Magazine/Big Pig Media LLP