A few excerpts taken from the article SOUNDSTAGE! AUSTRALIA’S 10 FAVOURITE EXHIBITS AT HIGH END MUNICH 2022 written by Edgar Kramer, and published on Soundstage! Australia 27 May 2022.

F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote, “… Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, feels the same, even smells the same. You realize what’s changed is you.” Barring the welcome navigation freedoms of the trade days – due to reduced press and industry representation from Asia – the consumer days’ throngs were a strong post-pandemic renaissance statement – High End Munich is back, unchanged like it never went away.

As always, my picks are performance-related (after all, that’s what this is about) but kudos may be offered to exhibits which also display other qualities I value. That may be non-show-staple musical fare, the aesthetics of the exhibiting room and, for extra points, an exceptionally warm visitor welcome (and not just to members of the press). There may be other aspects that separate rooms from the herd.

I don’t normally judge sound quality at shows. Not on a comparative level to the potential I know is available outside of show environments. That would be foolhardy. I only gauge my enjoyment, or outstanding performance aspects, based on the moment, there, at the show. On that day.


While Magico saw its speakers being used for demonstration in a number of other companies’ rooms, it was in its own exhibit where Magico’s wares were most effective. Supported by MSB Technology and Taiko digital sources and a full Pilium amplification suite all hooked up via Vyda Laboratories cables, the Magico A5 (see my review here) pounded with an enclosure-defying bass register. That was on an electronica track Alon Wolf played for me on a one-on-one demo. Outstanding too was the finer detail, resolution, and sheer musicality of a delicate piano piece. A vocal track showed that presence quality which is often smeared, or even plain unachievable, via less-capable transducers. Of course, everything plays a role and I’m told there are significant synergies between Pilium and Magico but, nevertheless, I know the A5s well and they are star players in a game far above their price point indication.


My show notes for the Jadis, Alsyvox, and Taiko room read “open, open, open”. Indeed. The sound here projected so naturally and vividly into the room that I was captivated. An acoustic track also presented what was, in my HEM 2022’s experience, the deepest, widest and tallest soundstage. Said sound field was populated with vivid images in tight focus. The low registers were expertly balanced and, at least while I was there through several tracks, sounded well-matched and integrated into the room. Vocals were sweet, never aggressive, and projected with a realistic presence. For such large panels, the sense of a performance rather than merely speakers was quite a palpable phenomenon. This is the best I’ve heard the Alsyvox speakers sound.

Source: soundstageaustralia.com

Written by Edgar Kramer, published on Soundstage! Australia 27 May 2022.