Audio Therapy - Going even more Extreme with Taiko Audio!

The Taiko Extreme is a music server/streamer and in the arena of serious high-end digital front ends there is a small handful of world-class products, the Extreme being probably the most well-known and highly regarded of them all and it features in many big-hitting systems all across the world including Japan, Hong Kong, China, the USA and of course Europe and the UK, it’s one of those products you frequently see when high-end systems are shown on social media.  The What’s Best Forum Thread on the Extreme is now fast approaching 1000 pages!

The Extreme was designed and crafted in the Netherlands by Emile Bok and his fastidious team of engineers and developers. They left no stone unturned in its development and this almost obsessive level of detail and commitment has continued with apace over the past couple of years, there are a number of new developments which I’ll be discussing in [the online magazine] along with more exciting plans and upgrades due for release in the near future.

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