Thrilling Rollercoaster Ride

It’s never quiet at Taiko HQ, but the last months, and the last weeks in particular, have been one heck of a thrilling rollercoaster ride. Emile and the engineering team had to work literally 24/7 for the last few days in order to get the Olympus Music Server ready for showtime, but we pulled it off!

Not only did we have a sample for our main room, but we also prepared samples for other exhibitors, such as Aries Cerat, Wilson Benesch, and DearWolf / Linea Audio / Lampizator.

Taiko Audio / Alsyvox / Pilium

The Taiko Audio / Alsyvox / Pilium room featured Alsyvox Caravaggio speakers, Pilium pre- and power amplification, Audio Mass racks, Vyda cables, and, of course, the Big Premiere: the Olympus Music Server, complete with Extreme Switch and Extreme Router.

Aries Cerat

The scale of the Aries Cerat system with the 850.000 euro Pandora speaker system really does not come across in photos; this is a MASSIVE system! The system featured the brand-new Taiko Audio Olympus music server (with Extreme Switch and Extreme Router) and countless Aries Cerat electronics, most strikingly, the 280.000 euro Aries Cerat Pandora Turntable with Zephyrus Phono Stage.

Wilson Benesch / Ypsilon

The Wilson Benesch room featured the new GMT System Turntable with two new tonearms: Graviton Ti and Graviton Ai that feature additively manufactured titanium and aluminum counterbalances and carbon fiber composite arm tubes. The other source was the brand-new Taiko Audio Olympus music server with Taiko Audio Extreme Switch and Extreme Router, and Ypsilon SET100 Ultimate and Aelius II SE power amplifiers. The speakers were the Omnium loudspeaker, built up in a stunning Phantom Belladonna finish, especially for this show, accompanied by the brand-new IGx Push-Pull Infrasonic Generator.

DearWolf / Linea Audio

The DearWofl / Linea Audio system featured, among others, Linea Audio loudspeakers, Marton amplification, Lampizator Poseidon DAC, and the Taiko Audio Olympus with Taiko Audio Extreme Switch and Extreme Router.