DIY Audio Server Chassis


Shipping date: 6 January 2023

In stock



The long awaited Taiko Audio DIY Audio Server Chassis!

The outside dimensions (including footers) of this fully CNC precision milled aluminium chassis are:

  • Length: 498 mm
  • Width: 483 mm
  • Height: 180 mm

This chassis can form the basis of any DIY Audio Server which are based on the following motherboards:

  • Mini ITX
  • Flex ATX
  • Micro ATX
  • ATX
  • EATX

This order includes the following:

  • All required bolts to assemble the chassis
  • Fuse holder
  • Powerswitch
  • Power-button
  • Two heatsinks (left and right)
  • Four aluminium/Panzerholz footers
  • Top plate with slots for heat dissipation and airflow
  • Bottom plate with screw-thread for all the listed motherboards, screw-thread for the Taiko Audio ATX, screw-thread for the HD-Plex 400W and slots for heat dissipation/airflow and slot for the power button
  • Big and small inner-wall to shield power supply from the rest of the electronics
  • Solid 10 mm thick CNC milled aluminium front plate
  • Aluminium back plate with slots for PCI cards, slot for motherboard plate, slot for fuse holder, slot for power switch and slot for IE
  • Aluminium plate in-place holder for PCI card
  • Corner brackets for all corners

This product will ship in 5 business days.