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The new Taiko Audio Extreme Network Card is a single-connection PCIe option board for the Extreme Server.

The Extreme Network Card is preferably installed in Slot 2, in place of the old SFP card.

Power to the card is provided by a split DC cable that substitutes the single cable that powered the USB cable and will then power both the USB card and network card.

There is a single SFP+ module slot that can be fitted with either an RJ-45 connector module or a Fiber connector module.


  • Dimensions l x b x h cm
  • Weight: 0.8 Kg
  • 1 SFP+ port
  • suitable for PCIe slot

Documentation and Downloads

Installation script required

After the hardware installation of the Taiko Audio Extreme Network Card, an installation script must be executed on the Extreme to load the optimized settings.

For the installarion script, extra documentation, and other software, please go to the Downloads page:


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