Here are a few quotes from the review on MonoStereo

“A new sense of richness was introduced along with expanded airiness, extended dynamism, and a not-a-small triumph in terms of fatigue-free experience normally closely associated with analog front ends”.

“The newly introduced Taiko Audio Extreme Switch Network Card with the Extreme Music server forms a highly unique, powerful, and potent combined core that finally takes the enigma and optimal Roon integration out of the equation for me”..

“The Taiko Audio Extreme Switch and Network Card manage to engage the sensory apparatus in what can truly be called an upper-level liquid music experience”.

“The Taiko Audio Extreme Switch and Network Card bring a significant leap in performance when playing streamed or locally stored music. There is simply more information, and more solidity that allows for the creation of a higher number of acoustic nodes, and the way the zeros and ones are handled is significantly relevant to the final sonic outcome”.

“And as the icing on the cake, the high-tech is housed in an extremely heavy, impressive 20 kg chassis made of pure copper, which is chrome-plated and polished to a luxurious high gloss, making it a real eye-catcher. The Network Card is also encased in a massive copper case, which makes it likewise impressive”.

Matej Isak