The Taiko Setchi family of D-2, and D-3 are the culmination of 8 years of experimentation of grounding devices, and the advances in understanding of vibration modulation of digital and analog.

A Setchi when placed on the cover of a piece of equipment experiences the vibration signature of that piece of gear and puts out a DC biased and vibration modulated voltage which is the connected to either a digital or audio ground via an unused connector or socket.
To maximise the quality of the sonic effect, a CNC machined Panzerholz enclosure and premium European components have been used.

The D-2 and D-3 use Silver Gold based components.
When a Setchi is connected, there is an immediate effect. There is also a secondary effect with takes two to three days to become quite noticeable. The sonic signature of the Silver/Gold in the D-2 and D-3 becomes apparent.

We do not have much of an understanding of how this sonic signature migration occurs, but it is identifiable and can work nicely in some systems.
Audiophiles in Asia, Europe and the US have found that Setchi’s can improve transparency, clarity, resolution of details and tonality.

Dimensions: 94 x 92 x 40 mm

Note: Significant magnetic fields in the vicinity of a Setchi can negatively affect its performance.