These units are based on state of the art units developed and built in Switzerland by a leading manufacturer of active anti-vibration systems. Taiko Audio has carried out extensive testing and modification of these units to optimize their performance for High End Audio. These units have been very successfully used at Munich High End May 2017 and X-Fi in October 2017.
It works very well under both analog and digital high end components, for example:

  • DAC’s 
  • Pre-amps both passive, active, solid state and tubed
  • Power amps
  • Computer servers
  • Some High End turntables

For Audio Performance active anti vibration is very dependent on the quality of the power supply. Linear power supplies are available at different price levels.

  • 2 stage regulated power supply housed in cast aluminium case with Oyaide feet
  • Dual Choke power supply with Mundorf caps and Belleson regulator housed in CNC machined Panzerholz bathtub and copper base plate. Oyaide feet, IEC inlet and wiring throughout
  • All units are built to order. Please contact edward.hsu@soundtest.info to discuss your requirements and arrange a demonstration.