Much to our delight, we are receiving tons of positive feedback in the Taiko Audio SGM Server Thread on What's Best Forum. Read some of the nice comments below, or head straight to the forum to read it all first-hand.

I have to agree with other users on this forum (Mike and micro) as hyperbole about this server can run rampant and it seems we are all gobsmacked by what we hear. There isn’t a finer server in the industry today that has customer service second to none. Emile keeps everyone informed as to everything happening at Taiko. This together with all of his work on TAS and the soon-to-be-released XDMS is keeping all of us glued to this thread. AS for a community giving so much input in this thread, it has become THE SINGLE MOST POPULAR thread on WBF.


I am new to the thread and to the Extreme group. Here’s some of what stands out, as a newcomer, to me: the open-mindedness, flexibility, response to adapting, the willingness to learn and apply it. You and your team. The human aspects. This may surprise, but the remarkableness and rarity of this mean I am more touched by these attributes than the phenomenal performance and results of your creation(s).


I have decided to purchase the Extreme reassured by the outstanding user feedback on WBF, and by the customer care that Emile has shown here, together with their relentless strive for perfecting both the hardware and the software side of the machine. Reading magazine- or online reviews would have most likely not taken me to the point of committing to the investment. I can see how many times Emile must have bitten his tongue before responding (or not responding) for various reasons…, but it is a privilege for us users to learn from the developers directly what they do and why they think it is the best way of doing it.


Emile’s level of support is exceptional. I mean like the best in the business. This guy is driven. I really want to meet him. If you think you can pop into an audio show demo and expect to evaluate Extreme that’s foolish. Extreme needs to be experienced. There is just more of everything to be heard. And then more and more. Fill in the adjectives: Subtitle shadings, dynamics, details, depth, width, air, clarity….well you get the idea. For those who scoff at $25K for a computer just stop. People spend that on cords and plugs. This is a ground-up rethink about everything. PS, all the software, grounding, networking. Take the lid off of Extreme and then do the same on your $100k amplifier. Then decide what you overpaid for. Extreme is a bargain. And to think Emile has more coming for it…. IMO, this is a revelatory component.


If the sound quality I hear coming from my speakers as a result of adding the Taiko Extreme (with Taiko USB card and TAS) is as good as it gets I would be quite content. But it is exciting as heck that the Taiko team feverishly seeks to upgrade the SQ and imagine they will continue this as long as the company exists! I think for Extreme users it’s a matter of trust-based upon experience in that the Taiko Team has continuously delivered SQ improvement to an already amazing component along with incomparable customer support.


My Extreme just arrived! What a Glorious Beast it is! I opened the top and it’s quite something to behold. I had seen photos of course, but there’s nothing quite like seeing it first-hand. Not to sound like a broken record (pun intended), especially on this forum; but the service from Taiko has already been beyond anything I could have expected. Excited and feel lucky to be able to start this journey and join this community! Honestly, even if the Extreme wasn’t the best performing device on the market, it would be worth it for this Community and the way Taiko operates.


It is so hard to try to quantify or evaluate the sound of the Extreme as whenever I sit down and want to articulate or communicate what I am hearing…I simply get lost in the sound. It is such a wonderful and euphoric experience I lose any thought of verbal descriptors and just want to listen more. I am spending 4-5 hours every day going thru my library and hearing music that I know so well that I now appreciate so much more. And in the end, I guess that is what this is all about. The Extreme is an emotional-making machine!

Sablon Audio

Just wanted to say kudos to Emile @Taiko Audio on the SGM Extreme. I’ve just read through all pages of this thread, and I’ve got to say that his approach resonates with my own far more modest efforts. I hope someday to experience this box in my system, but until then, I’ll continue to lurk and learn.


Emile just finished setting up the SGM Extreme. I can only say it sounds great, fuller, and more musical sounding than my previous server attempts. Qobuz sounded extremely decent from immediate startup, the optimization and file migration were only carried out today. He did it remotely from his office, it was great seeing him on my PC display working on the set-up while I was listening to his efforts!


Anyone else still shaking their heads at the latest update? From the first coffee, I cannot wait for my ‘listening time’ when my wife’s work allows. Getting a lot of “hey that sounds good!”. Low/medium / high volumes streaming or local, just intoxicating. Usually, for me, an upgrade fades a bit as it becomes the new baseline. Hasn’t happened yet with this. Of course, it has been great discovering new music too. Sorry, had to share with someone.


Before the latest OS “adjustment” I easily preferred TAS but since the update, ROON SQ is noticeably better. The realization that what the wizards at Taiko have in store for us will advance SQ much further makes for copious endorphin release!


Behind the scenes, smart people research, test, and deploy *invisible* technical solutions, which make it *look* simple. It’s great to remove some boxes, power supplies, and cables, to simplify my chain…but I know Emile’s team spent *a lot* of time making it look simple on the outside. It very much reminds me of the ancient Kodak slogan: “You push the button, and we do the rest.” You tap your tablet, and we do the rest!


Had the privilege of Emile uploading the latest software update earlier today. After 3 hours, I just can’t get enough. As many have already said, the tonal density, saturation of notes, their greater imaging, emotion, and realism are addictive. I recall upon first hearing the Extreme in my system it sounded like I had added additional amplification. I sense that again now after this update. I dare say it adds at least an additional 25% to the value IMHO. Massive kudos to team Taiko and the dream team of external testers that have allowed us to further appreciate the beauty of music, across all genres, and unlock the technological mysteries behind it, none of which I can claim to understand. Very much looking forward to the rest of this year and what remains hidden up the Taiko sleeve…


The fact that there are now several USB files to choose from depending on one’s DAC represents what I would suggest is a sea change from any previous efforts in which a server (from any manufacturer) has a given output regardless of the DAC which it is driving. Taiko has now “tuned” their device output to best interact with a particular DAC using 4 different algorithms.


Well, I sat down last evening to listen with the new OS and USB driver installed. As others have noted, the improvement is simply incredible, and that is of an already very high base. For context, this improvement is an order of magnitude greater than the one I just paid a whole lot of money for by upgrading my pre-amp and amps. The fact that this amazing additional performance was provided as a no-cost upgrade is yet another testament to the value proposition behind getting on the Taiko Train! Thanks, Emile and team!


Thanks to Emile’s super-hyper-duper-responsiveness, we could even make an A-B test, and in conclusion —> if you want an upgrade, either buy a new component or upgrade the software, both give a nice uptick!


Big thanks to Emile for updating the OS for me late last night. I listened to it tonight and yes there is a big SQ improvement. After updating Roon and familiarizing I have listened for an hour or so and it is better than the HQplayer/NAA I was using before.


Wowee Emile. FANTASTIC UPDATE. Well, its really an UPGRADE because it’s well beyond a update. Thank you for your response on the thread about using basic stuff. It’s all about science, not voodoo.


Good morning all. I hope everyone is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed since you all received the new update. Frankly, I haven’t been able to sleep as it is almost as if I am listening to a completely new sound system. and I didn’t get out of my seat until 0300 this morning. I lost complete track of time. The only track I was interested in last night was always playing the “next track”. So the pieces of the Taiko puzzle are falling into place. Next up will hopefully be XDMS and life will be even better.

Steve Williams

Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my face. I’m a night owl but I haven’t pulled an all-nighter in quite a while. But before I went to bed at 3 am I wrote Emile to get in the queue for the upgrade. He responded in 2 minutes and upgraded my OS. At 4 am, I started cursing Emile. Thanks to him, I ended up greeting the sun……the OS was a wow sonic improvement truly worthy of staying up and listening all night. Very impressive, whatever the hell Emile has done! It really is the equivalent of changing a component. But the best part is- it’s free! I can’t think of a single system improvement in my entire audio life that is comparable. You make a request at 3 am and you have this major epiphany 5 minutes later? WTF!! I can only repeat what everyone already knows. There is “platinum” customer service and then there is another level called Emile. I just read the thread and noticed that at the same time he was upgrading my unit, he was posting detailed set-up instructions on this thread for others. C’mon man, the secret is out. Emile is simply not human.


I had to test a few DAC’s so Emile loaded the OS/driver updates on my Extreme. Like the others consider me GOBSMACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I usually have a 10-second rule, to tell if I like something or not. The sonic uptick or I should say TRANSFORMATION using Roon over TAS was noticeable in 2 seconds. The first notes filled the room. I told Emile I almost feel like crying, tears of joy, as to be able to use the Roon interface and have these sonics. It’s a bit overwhelming.

SO THANKFUL TO BE A RIDER ON THE “TAIKO TRAIN”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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